Rethinking an audiology center

Cottet is a century-old brand dedicated to the optics and audiology industry.

For their audiology division, they decided to open a new store in the center of Barcelona with the aim of converting it into the brand's flagship.

The challenge was to help our client to reinvent the relationship with his customer, elevating the identity of the brand and the experience in the center, bringing it closer to the retail world.

We designed a solution with two areas of action.

On one hand, we wanted to take advantage of the windows that we had available, and turn them into a shop window for the brand.

We used a visual language that played with the four windows as a single unit, looking for an approach closer to advertising to enhance the center's offer and give maximum visibility to the brand.

On the other hand, for the reception of the center we thought of a creative solution that would give us the possibility of working contents with a composite approach.