Hotel Catalonia Plaza

Re-thinking meeting rooms for a hotel

The Catalonia Hotel chain decided to renovate the conference and meeting rooms of their flagship in Barcelona.
The creative part was finding a new concept for the convention center, looking for a combination of new ideas and customised solutions.
The transformation of the space was the final result of a project that combines audio, video, lighting, animation and architecture.

It consists of eight lounges, a diaphanous central area of 700m2 and a spectacular foyer, all located on the same level. More than 1570 m2 equipped with the latest technology.
Three large-screen displays of LED technology are at the center of the hall, the two circular screens at the foyer and the lighting fixtures with LED technology let the atmosphere of the space change depending on the event that is going to be celebrated.
A 360 degree project developed entirely from the idea to the final execution.