all in one


Caixabank invited us to participate in their new “All in One” flagship project of two iconic buildings located in Barcelona and Valencia.

foodmarket Plaça de Francesc Macià, 10


Product Design


Software Development

Speciality Hardware Install

Systems Architecture

media architecture.

Our team developed several solutions adapted to the new ways of storytelling through media architecture.

immersive experience.

An overlay of immersive LED screens with a surface area that is greater than 300 m2, will fit and match the angular architectural shapes of this particular space.
The magnitude of this installation creates an immersive experience for guests.
Content changes according to the time of the day and personalizes the space in just a few seconds.

CaixaBank talks.

Around one hundred spectators can attend discussions, round tables and events to be held in the auditorium.
For this space, we developed the audiovisual and architectural systems of the auditorium with the latest technology for streaming, conference and broadcast recording systems.

At the same time, we created a centralized control system to manage all resources of the auditorium such as video, cameras, screens, smart wireless microphones, and the lighting and sound system.