animated facade

perfumería júlia

Perfumerías Júlia is one of the pioneering firms of specialized cosmetics and perfumes in the world with over 70 stores in Spain and Andorra.

The historical firm is evolving its stores, driven by a consumer who wants to be surprised with stimulating new, attractive and service-oriented environments.

For one of its main stores in Andorra, a project was proposed for several activity areas, to meet the personalization needs of the wide variety of products offered by Perfumerías Júlia.

foodmarket Av. Meritxell, 103 Andorra

3D Animation

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development

Product Design

Speciality Hardware Install

Visual Design

action areas.

One of the challenges of the project was finding out how to use digital visuals to help identify each of these personalized areas.

digital facade.

For the store facade, we started with the concept of digitizing the sign without losing the identity of an element with which the brand has been working for many years and that identifies its branding.

For this, the banner-shaped structure with a central buckle was preserved.

Advertising support

For the facade, the client also needed a visual support with a mainly advertising focus to be able to launch both their communication and their distributed brands.



To enliven the store exterior, a very organic content based on nature was created, which was represented through a green palette according to the brand identity and branding.

We transferred the branding of Perfumerías Júlia to digital signs. The final result was the brand's logo framed in a dynamic cube connected to a slight extrusion.
Two blocks of animated content were developed for the banner that surrounds the store. The first one with a 3D animation represented the natural movement of the leaves that slide throughout the space.

The second one was a representation of fluids based on textures used in Perfumerías Júlia products.


Another of the customer's needs was to have a versatile visual support with a certain mobility and adapted to the promotional and communication strategies of the point of sale.

For this, a custom totem was designed to meet the requirements, both from a technical and visual point of view.

store furniture.

Finally, the need to identify the different sales areas of the space required the integration of visual supports to the different custom-made furniture that Perfumerías Júlia manufactures, especially to promote its own brand, one of the brand’s cornerstones.