beauty concept store

júlia onix

Perfumería Julia invited us to participate in the design of its new flagship store located in Andorra. The shop is a concept store with the aim to be a reference as a beauty center in the country.

For the multimedia design, we worked together with Perfuermeria Julia architecture department and with Cristina Arnedo interior design studio.

foodmarket Júlia Onix Avda. Meritxell, 79 Andorra la Vella

3D Animation

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development


Media Architecture

Motion Graphics

Product Design

Retail Concept

Software Development

Speciality Hardware Install

The main challenge of the project was how to approach a massive intervention in the facade while respecting the peculiarities of the building, without being excessively interventionist. We also wanted to enhance the product in the design solution.

media facade

For the facade intervention, we decided on an exercise of defragmentation of the canvas into eight strips along the facade of the building, understood as a single canvas.
This defragmentation starts from a conceptual exercise of abstraction of bamboo as an element of the brand's historical visual identity.
To enhance the interior luminosity, the strips were designed with transparent led technology and in tune with the interior design of the space and also playing with the idea of the vertical metal profiles present in the design of the facade.

The final result is a media facade that enlivens and enriches the building while respecting its uniqueness.

media furniture strips

To empower the product on the facade, the strips were conceived not only as a visual support but also as part of the furniture. Each of theses strips were designed so that they could serve also as product displays.
The idea was that the strips were an element of the furniture and were perfectly integrated into the interior design of the project.


The content was designed to combine a commercial and branding approach with an artistic and experiential treatment.

Content was divided into three blocks: ART, BRANDING and OFFERING


For the art block, we created five pieces that play with the transparency and defragmentation of the canvas from an artistic language.


For the branding block, five animations were created with the graphic elements of the brand as the common thread always playing with the facade as a single canvas


Three pieces were developed with a narrative more focused on explaining the extensive offer of the center and enhancing its multipurpose.


A requirement of the project was to be able to have a visual advertising support to give visibility to the brands present in the store.

This advertising support was designed to work in sync with the rest of the visuals elements of the facade.

inside the store

The interior of the store was designed in such a way as to have narrative and aesthetic continuity with the multimedia facade of the building. The use of strips as a visual element was emphasized to follow the concept thread.

júlia bonet

Antoher requirement of the project consisted in personalizing and giving visibility to Júlia Bonet as its own brand and explaining in a more experiential way the differentials of the product.
For this purpose, an interactive product recognition solution was developed so clients can interact and learn about the specs and properties of the items.