digital art

bershka amsterdam

Today, retailers are constantly thinking about how they can transform the in-store experience by creating environments that turn shopping into a destination.

For the openning of their new flagship store in Amsterdam, Bershka created a digital art sculpture to generate a visual and artistic experience.

Bershka asked us to create a digital art content piece that would bring the sculpture to life.

foodmarket Kalverstraat 22, Amsterdam

3D Animation

Art Direction

Content Development

Motion Graphics




The idea was to create a digital piece based on video and lighting adapted and integrated to the sculpture volumes in their original design.

During the creation process we virutalized the sculpture and the space.


Together with the Bershka design team, we worked on an inspirational mood board based on digital distortions and glitch.

The item was executed in a loop and the story was developed using different blocks with a total duration of 60 minutes.
An artistic piece to dress a digital sculpture.


The content was treated as a dynamic skin to highlight and place more emphasis on the sculpture, without excessively tainting the activity of the commercial space.


We developed 10 states with different techniques and aesthetics that transition to each other, in a slow and smooth rhythm, since the clip is contemplative, but with several more dynamic moments.

The result is a harmonized piece that represents the spirit and language of the brand.


For the sculpture lighting design, we created a set of lights aligned to the rhythm and color of the content blocks that provide energy to interior and exterior spaces of the store.