branded lighting

the duke shops

THEDUKESHOPS is a shopping center with over 20 years of history. It is located in the Costa Adeje area of Tenerife. Recently, they decided to undertake a complete overhaul to boost its premium commercial offers and its food court.

We were invited to participate in the project by providing a multimedia solution to enhance the architecture of the building. We decided to opt for a solution based on dynamic lighting to create a visual identity for the shopping center.

foodmarket Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Concept Development

Lighting Design

Product Design


R&D / Prototyping

Speciality Hardware Install

Visual Identity


The first step was to understand the space, and through virtualization, we designed possible lighting scenarios and solutions adapted to the commercial space.

The intervention in the façade design with built-in lighting highlights the center and provides a powerful visual identity, as well as an attractive component to lure both customers and retailers.


The cube-shaped buildings at each end of the mall shaped the aesthetics and lighting design. We extended the architectural design as a cubic and luminous fabric that wraps around and defines the edges of the building.


We designed dynamic point-to-point lighting for the main structure of the pergola placed over the roof of the shopping center.

Due to the prominence and extension of the pergola surface, its intervention influences the experience in common areas of the shopping center, both in the interior plaza and in the food court on the first floor.

through the light

The design of the light was built looking for a contemplative effect so as not to excessively influence the operation and harmony of the shopping center.

The final solution includes over 1km of point-to-point RGB LED strip and 75 controllable 12800px systems.
For the staging, different lighting sequences were created depending on the time slots, activities, and key dates.