cagnes sur mer


Thanks to its constant effort to evolve and innovate, Stradivarius has managed to make its stores reflect its way of feeling fashion, with dynamic and original concepts.

Working alongside Stradivarius for more than 20 years, we have helped the brand in the digital evolution of its stores, as well as in its international expansion that has led them to have stores in 47 countries.

foodmarket 119 Avenue des Alpes, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Concept Development


Lighting Design

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Retail Concept

Space Virtualization

Visual Identity


new ways for brand identity

In its new store in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France, the brand wanted to bring the building's spectacular glass façade to life.
For this project, we designed with the brand a dynamic lighting creation, conceived as another layer of the brand identity.

light grid

The concept stems from the need to find new languages for brand identity to distinguish it from an environment overloaded with visual impacts.
And for a Stradivarius with more than 600 stores, it is important to look for elements with a unique visual identity for its points of sale.
The design of this dynamic grid can be adapted to the specific features of each location, obtaining unique but always recognizable results, creating a visual identity for the brand.


The dynamic lighting of this light grid aims to complement and distinguish the store from the rest of the spaces in the shopping complex.
The aim of this small, light show design is to be visible from different angles of the streets of this commercial area, creating a bold appeal for customers.
The exterior lighting design also visible inside the store produces reflections thanks to exterior windows.


In-store features of Stradivarius stores emphasize audiovisual formats as dynamic marketing tools.

A LED wall, behind cash registers, increases brand engagement with its clients and invigorates the shopping space.