catalonia plaza

catalonia hotels&resorts

Our client Catalonia Hotels&Resorts asked us to find a creative and technological solution for the renovation of the conference and meeting rooms of their flagship hotel in Barcelona.

Next to the Fira de Barcelona, the location of the hotel sets a core oriented to business, conventions and events.

The challenge consisted in reshape the space by breaking up with the classical conference and meeting rooms and transform it into an experiential space and adapted to the digital transformation of the industry.

foodmarket Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza

Experience Design

Lighting Design

Product Design


R&D / Prototyping

Software Development

Space Design

Speciality Hardware Install

Virtualización del Espacio

redesign the space, a combination of fresh new ideas and tailored solutions.

offsite meetings

Our idea was based on offsite meetings concept, trying to focus on the reinforcement of the experience and generating a unique, open and versatile environment oriented to high impact events.

lighting and colour.

A key point of this project is the colour, dynamic, shifting and always in action. It provides the space its singular character and identity.

The role of the dynamic lighting is to unify the whole area and it can generate a personalized atmosphere within a few seconds.
The project consists of eight lounges, a diaphanous central area of 700m2 and a spectacular foyer, all located on the same level.

Three led displays were integrated in the central hall, two circular led screens in the foyer and a set of lighting led panels.