galería canalejas

Black Lemon Studio invited us to participate in the design of the new Dbellota jamonerías located in the food hall of Galería Canalejas in Madrid. Galería Canalejas is the new international icon of luxury and gastronomy in the heart of Madrid.

foodmarket Galería Canalejas

3D Animation

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development


Space Design

Speciality Hardware Install

the concept

The concept developed by Black Lemon Studio consists in the creation of a unique space that immerses the visitor in the universe of iberico ham. To do this, they thought of adding a digital layer to the interior design to enhance the storytelling of the space.
The main intervention consists of creating a digital window that would take the visitor to the Dehesa, the habitat of the iberian pig. Taking advantage of the unique location of the space within the Gallery and playing with the shapes of the design of the space, six digital windows were created that always work as a single canvas.

the content


The main part of the content is a series of contemplative pieces that immerse the visitor to the environment of the dehesa with a rhythm that transmits the passage of time and the tranquility that resides in it.


Different pieces of content were created with textures that act as a backdrop and help to transition between one content and another, without generating abrupt changes. From an artistic approach, the sequence seeks to give prominence to Dbellota brand.