media ceiling

catalonia hotels&resorts

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts invited us to participate in the design of the multipurpose meeting rooms of its new Catalonia Donosti hotel. The project is an evolution of the concept that has been implemented in the hotel lounges of the chain since 2015.

The concept is based on the idea of evolving the concept for hotel events to convert them into more experiential spaces, by generating personalized environments and transforming spaces depending on the types of events.

foodmarket Alto San Bartolome Kalea, Donostia

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development

Product Design

R&D / Prototyping

Software Development

Speciality Hardware Install

digital ceiling

The solution has 6 light boxes equipped with LED technology and integrated into the ceiling. The treatment of contents turns them into supports that combine visual content and dynamic lighting.

By treating the content, spaces are enriched and ceilings are converted into living elements that transform the rooms with digital settings as the common thread.
An easy-to-use automation system allows you to control all multimedia elements.


The contents corresponded to two themes (nature and abstraction). Based on these concepts, different patterns were customized and colors were juggled. A rich range of possibilities was achieved to personalize and enrich the space.


With close references to the location of the site, we worked with content based on a nature bathed by the Atlantic sea, rich in green tones and abundant vegetation. By applying these contents in such spaces, a sense of windows open to the outside is achieved.


For the abstract block we relied on the essential forms of plastic language such as organic figures, lines and colors to create contemplative environments.


The hotel's four meeting rooms have several large-format visual supports, with both LED and projection technology, wireless presentation systems, videoconferencing equipment and the possibility of streaming events.