in-store digital experience

júlia bonet

For the launching of its new Julia Bonet brand, Perfumerías Julia asked us to help them to develop a new store concept based on a digital language to boost brand awareness and the interaction with its consumers.

For the project, we worked in collaboration with the interior design studio Cristina Arnedo.

foodmarket Illa Diagonal, Barcelona.

3D Animation


Concept Development

Content Development

Experience Design

Interactive Experience

Retail Concept

Space Design

digital scenery

The idea of digitally covering several of the surfaces of the space arose from the need to give life to the space and to be able to transform the atmosphere through textures and digital animations.

In this way, we decided to create a digital scenery that might adapt to different current needs, and evolve it into a space that generates experiences to produce the sense of improving the status of users of the new brand.
For the launching, animations integrated into the branding and all elements of the store were created, producing a unified visual experience for different areas.

smart point

Another of the brand's desires was the interaction with its consumers through new tools adapted to the new in-store experiences.
Within this structure, an interactive table was developed where customers can interact with products to learn about their characteristics and properties.

The development of the solution was carried out in collaboration with our partner Broox Technologies.


The name of the new brand pays tribute to the founder of Perfumerías Julia and was intended to enhance the family origin and heritage of the brand.

A mirror display was the perfect support to create an animation piece that enhanced this storytelling.

audience analytics

To complete the project, an analytical layer was added that allowed the brand to better understand the public and their interaction with the space.

A technology based on artificial vision allows us, through biometric analysis, to capture public behavior data, respecting at all times the data protection law.
Julia Bonet aims to be an example of the evolution of retail and how to put in-store marketing at the center of a physical space design.