flagship store


Cottet is a leading family business in the visual and hearing care market. With more than 117 years of history, their establishments have become famous in the optical and audiology fields.

With the opening of its new flagship store in Barcelona, Cottet invited us to participate in the creation of this new space of more than 1000 m2 divided into two levels.

The main challenge consisted in how we approach the transformation of a 100-year old company exploring new languages for the brand while respecting its heritage.

foodmarket Cottet Flagship Store
Rambla Catalunya

Content Development

Experience Design

Interactive Experience

Product Design

Retail Concept

Software Development

Speciality Hardware Install

Visual Identity

In the strategic research phase, we analyzed the physical features of the space and we focused on designing a solution to reach the highest impact at the entrance and welcome area.

We created a key point of attraction to increase traffic and to provide visibility to the store from all points of view along the street.

The solution was a three-panel LED screen that was placed slightly angled and operated as a single canvas.
With this design, we achieved a strong and attractive solution from outside preserving a clean interior atmosphere by minimizing the lighting impact.


Inside the store we wanted to create an iconic digital element with a strong branding identity. This would be an item that could be easily replicated to the rest of stores of the group.

We developed a display inspired by the classical pince-nez eyeglasses. We also created customized and relevant content on the brand heritage integrated to this hotspot.


In the sport area, Cottet wanted to improve the experience of customers and we decided to design an interactive installation where clients could play with different sport eyewear models.

The idea of the area is to create a place where experiences are constantly developing with ephemeral performances.