food market

eat out

Our client EAT OUT, an important group of restaurants, was looking for a creative and strategic solution for its new Food Market located at Terminal T2 of the Barcelona airport.

In a context full of visual impacts, our intervention tries to attract transit passengers into this food court.

Our approach aimed to improve and enrich the space as well as to drive traffic through and reinforce its visual identity.

foodmarket Aeroport de Barcelona-El Prat.
Terminal T2 Floor 1.
Departures Boarding Area U.

Content Development

Lighting Design

Product Design


R&D / Prototyping

Space Virtualization

Speciality Hardware Install

Visual Identity

Food Market is a food court located in the departure terminal T2 of the Barcelona airport.

The location next to the security control area is strategic.

In the research stage, we decided to analyze traffic flow and impact hot spots in order to establish areas to be targeted.
dynamic lighting as part of branding.

To connect emotionally with the target, we transformed the space by combining lighting and visual items integrated in the structure so they could work as a multimedia format.

For the project, we used 125 m of LED strips controlled point-to-point and a two-sided LED screen whose dimensions are 2.3 m x 2.9 m.

customized media content.

Our design consists of a single multimedia canvas with visual content and dynamic synchronized lighting.

The idea allowed us to create and develop a visual system with content where healthy food and gastronomy are the focal point.

The result is a fresh look and feel that differs from cold and classical codes for this type of environments.

The final result is a multimedia show with high-visibility from a distance.