hero window


Diesel, an Italian brand, which stands out for its passion, uniqueness and personal expression, invited us to design a multimedia backdrop for the shop window of their flagship store in Barcelona to launch its new Hate Couture campaign.

With Hate Couture, Diesel wanted to transform cyberbullying into a limited-edition collection partnered with some of the most polarizing celebrities.

The purpose was to create a high impact window, to drive traffic through as well as to promote customer engagement.

foodmarket Diesel flagship store
Passeig de gràcia

3D Animation

Concept Development

Content Development

Product Design

R&D / Prototyping

Speciality Hardware Install

Window Dressing

a backdrop to improve brand identity.

We designed and produced a digital skyline formed by 46 LED fingers along three large windows. Each LED finger has a different size and can work in a separate or collective way.

We tried to explore new languages for the brand and unconventional layouts for window dressing codes.
involving social media in a physical environment.

We developed a creative concept in tune with the campaign and the brand’s look and feel.

The modular design allowed us to create content where kinetic effects follow the spatial architecture space, trying to attract and immerse the customer in the campaign.