ibiza flagship store


When Yolé contacted us to help them in the digital staging of their ice cream shops, from the very first moment, it was clear to us that we had to focus on valuing the unique properties of the product.

Their ice creams and frozen yogurts are low in calories, with no added sugars, but still taste great.

For the launch in Europe, they chose Ibiza as a reference point and a store in the heart of the historic center to promote the brand.

foodmarket Carrer de Castelar, 12, Ibiza, Illes Balears

Art Direction

Content Development


Motion Graphics

Retail Concept

Space Design

Visual Identity


The small size of the premises and its peculiar location in a bustling environment led to the design of a solution that would take advantage of the uniqueness of the space.
The two doorways of the premises were used and digitally clad arcs were created. They were slightly tilted at an angle to optimize the perspective.

The project was developed in collaboration with Carlos González of the architectural firm AI2.


Several pieces of animation content adapted to different visual formats were created.

For the entrance arcs, the focus was on seduction, to provide a playful association of the brand's graphics and charm. In this case, the priority was to give maximum visibility to the store and take advantage of the privileged location of the place.
The specificity of the format led us to venture into animations with a lot of rhythm and to explore and play with the brand's color palette.
For the interior of the store, the objective was to disseminate information on the brand and highlight its proposal. With a calmer tone, the aim was to promote the brand taking advantage of the Ibiza showcase.
The set tries to take advantage of the characteristics of the premises to have a powerful visual support with which to work on the communication of the brand's value proposition.