infinity mirror


For the new Perfumerias Primor's flagship, Wannarock studio contacted us to help them design a digital installation for the stairs that connect the different floors of the store.

The main challenge was how to transform this connection space between the different floors into an immersive, attractive and instagrammable space. The solution is an intervention based on an infinite optical effect that transports the public to a universe where lighting and colors bring space to life.

foodmarket Perfumerías Primor

Art Direction

Concept Development

Experience Design


Lighting Design

Product Design

R&D / Prototyping


In a limited space, the solution had to be very effective as well as perfectly integrated into the architecture.

The effect was reached by playing with mirrors and metallic films that, combined with dynamic LED lighting, achieve the optical perception of an infinity mirror.
With the color and light as the common thread, the animations aim to create a reflective environment where light can bounce and multiply.

The striking animations try to submerge the visitor from an hypnotic and immersive point of view.

the result

The final result is an intervention that transforms a transition space into a dynamic art installation.

Conceived as a sensory experience, it is yet another example of retail's commitment to creating environments that turn its physical stores into a destination.


Another crucial point of the project was to achieve a viral effect and to reach maximum visibility on social media.