innovation hub


For the refurbishment of their offices in Barcelona, Fujifilm invited us to participate in the construction of their new Innovation Hub. A showroom-like space created to reflect and explain the four branches of Fujifilm's business innovation.

Our proposal aims to dress the space of the showroom considering the circulation between the different existing areas in the plant, and, at the same time, it will form part of the formal proposal and finishes proposed by Acento Interiorisme+Arquitectura.

foodmarket FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Aragó, 180, Barcelona

3D Animation

Concept Development

Content Development

Experience Design

Lighting Design

Motion Graphics

Space Design


The hub is located on the ground floor of the building and is designed to serve the different uses and spaces that are arranged on the floor and create dynamism and interconnection between them.

You descend to this level by a staircase that starts on the ground floor and leads to a large open and bright space fed by a large outdoor patio that gives warmth to this space.


We propose the Innovation Hub as a dynamic element of all the activity that takes place around it, both visually and functionally.

Our intervention would become a central object, a space of passage that can be surrounded as well as walked around from inside.
We cover the existing pillars with two devices that house the video, dynamic lighting, and audio elements to turn this space into a central square that is a visual reference for the entire space.

By placing these devices as two faces facing each other, we manage to generate an immersive space like a corridor, in which the viewer is enveloped by the message that Fujifilm wants to explain.


The space has two different modes:

A standby mode which is in operation when the showroom is not in use. With aspiring and contemplative images with a more decorative functionality.
There is a showroom mode in which a touch device can be used to exchange content and switch to a multiscreen mode in which the speaker can guide the explanation of FUJIFILM Business Innovation as he or she wishes.


standby mode

We create dynamic animations as a screensaver for when the space is not in use.

Inspired by Fujifilm’s core business, in this animation we represent their corporate values through particles based on the science and micro technology behind their products.
Reactive particles are transformed and move through space, always playing with the communication between the two displays of space.


Fujifilm also asked us to create a corporate video to present the business areas within the innovation hub: Healthcare, Environment, and Daily Life.
This content is about telling the story of Fujifilm's commitment to the consumer: From equipment that helps detect diseases, artificial intelligence systems that allow professionals to improve diagnosis and an active commitment to the planet.
Our proposal was based on creating a fluid, functional space at the service of its different uses.