the beauty store revolution


The world’s leading luxury company LVMH decided to refurbish its Sephora flagship store in Barcelona city center.

Their new concept pretended to evolve the customer experience in a beauty space through an innovative retail proposal offering services and experiences to reinforce company’s message of “Shop, Play & Share”.

foodmarket Sephora Plaça Catalunya


Product Design


R&D / Prototyping

Software Development

Speciality Hardware Install

Systems Architecture

Visual Design

The challenge consisted in reinventing and unify an area of 1250m2 divided over two floors.
A massive 70m2 led display was the solution to merge and unify both areas.

A led screen attached to the escalators drive the client to the ground floor. The content used tries to boost the connection link utility.

the transformation of a lobby into an immersive and iconic experience.

The main focus was on the peculiar street entrance of the shop that acts like a lobby preceding the main shopping space located on the lower floor.

The bet was a combination of massive led screens, synchronization lighting and surrounding sound.
The final result of this project developed together with the architecutre department of LVMH becomes an iconic and virall space where the audiovisual show attracts customers and acts as a destination point itself.

The purpose was to viralize the space so Sephora’s clients wanted to share their experience.
"A worldwide reference to understand how companies are reimaging retail spaces."