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aqua RKV

For this office building in the center of Madrid, we designed an immersive experience in the lobby to give it a unique and iconic visual identity. The intervention aims to transform the entrance area of the building into an inspiring physical environment that seduces visitors and tenants.

The building developed by RKV and designed by the architect Pedro Sentieri has 10 floors and is located in the Plaza Castilla area.

foodmarket Edificio Aqua, Calle Agustín de Foxá 4 Madrid

3D Animation

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Media Architecture

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Space Virtualization

the challenge

RKV asked us to design a solution for the entrance hall of their new Aqua office building. A solution that would give the building a strong identity, that would serve as a pole of attraction for future tenants and that would become a reference space in the Madrid office market.
The objective was to help design the space adding an experiential and sensory point of view, enrich the staging and enhance the identity of the space, to differentiate and try to revalue the value of the real estate asset. In a highly competitive office market, assets provided with qualitative differentials are important marketing advantages.


The intervention focuses on the peculiar hall that crosses the entire building longitudinally connecting its two main facades. A space with a lot of power for its length of 71 m from façade to façade and its 5-meter height.
To unify the space and give it continuity, we proposed to rethink the design of the hall, initially thought as a space open to the outside to transform it into an immersive space.
Planned as a perfect longitudinal cut that crosses the entire building from side to side like a tunnel, the intervention functions as a channel for the access flows of the building's users.
For the final design, we opted for an L-shaped screen with a surface area of around 190 m2 that would function as the main element of the hall, an installation with an important influence on the ambience and colorimetry of the space.

The idea was to treat the contents in an artistic and contemplative context that would decorate and transform the lobby and the main entrance of the building.


As part of the design process, we virtualized the environment to have a real proportion of the space, to work on the detail of the design and the development of the contents prior to the installation.


With water as the common thread, the content proposal was divided into four blocks: Flow, Nature, Underwater and Textures.
From an artistic point of view, the content tries to join the visitor in the tour of the hall combining a contemplative and immersive language.


For this block, we have the participation of the prestigious Deluxe studio with Nacho Platero in charge of the creative direction. Underwater is immersed in the underwater world, seeking to enhance the immersive character of the installation. The recreation of underwater scenarios adapted to the volume of the screen seeks to immerse the user in a magical world where the light and the subtlety of the details play a fundamental role.


Content based on fluids and inks produced in macro areas on a model that replicates to scale the shape of the screen and whose show moves along with its geometry.


Textures play with the fluid as the central axis of the piece. Trying to move away from the most hyperrealistic representation, the content plays with the essence of water in movement and its relationship with the environment.


Spectacular landscape scenes made with the matte painting technique, and ad-hoc scenes with very slow images of natural landscapes where water is the protagonist of the scene. Also created by Deluxe team.


Some gates allow us to create hyper-realistic transitions that emulate the architecture of the space and open to give way to the content blocks mentioned above.