rosa center


Our client Archigestion tasked us to create a multimedia solution for its new shopping center Rosa Center located at Playa Paraiso.

This intervention tried to enrich the building and to provide a strong visual identity by adding a multimedia installation integrated to the architecture of the building.

foodmarket Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

3D Animation

Concept Development

Content Development


Lighting Design

Product Design


R&D / Prototyping

Speciality Hardware Install

Visual Design

lighting and digital architecture.

In the early stages of the project, we worked jointly with architects and property to develop their concept and designs.
We created a concept whose focus was producing a warmer environment when the sun sets, to generate an explosion of light and color embracing everything.

The lighting design allows us to create and program a dynamic show that gives an identity when covering the building and its facade with light and color.

large formats

An impressive double-sided totem welcomes guests to the shopping center and it is also used as a large format visual support.

With a surface of more than 40 m2, the totem allows us to generate customized creative content with a great visual richness.

Together with the cover they become the iconic points of the center and refine the visual design of the space.
Earth, water, fire and air.

Contents were created as a branding extension of the shopping center and are inspired by the elements that shape these volcanic islands.

The narrative is built upon the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Its story consists of the growth of a rose spreading energy throughout the cover.

We worked on two versions adapted to night/day modes for an optimum performance and to create the appropriate mood according to the time of day.

In the sunny hours, clips use contrasted colors and clearer shapes. In contrast, at night time a minimalist aesthetic is used as well as less contrasting colors.