skin planet


For its new flagship store in Madrid, Primor invited us to participate in the design and production of the content for the digital screens.

Wannarockyou was the studio in charge of the interior design and creative direction of the project. Under the concept “skin planet”, Wannarockyou get inspired in the skin and its several layers and asked us to create a single unified visual narrative that plays with the skin, its textures, forms, colours and peculiarities, but also linked at the world of cosmetics.

foodmarket Plaza del Callao

3D Animation

Art Direction

Content Development

Motion Graphics



We started creating a serial of six planets inspired in the skincare and that we could use recurrently in the development of the different pieces.


We began by defining forms and textures to develop a consistent storytelling that could work along all the animations.
With a clear idea of the concept, we focused on the design of the planets.
We developed several backgrounds that could work as a frame and then we tested with shapes and volumes playing with the interior design of the store.
The idea was based on creating an aesthetic where planets orbit and merge with the architecture of the space. We explored with animations, backgrounds and typography.


In the welcome area, we were looking to generate a magical, surprising and changing place to give prominence to the main entrance of the shop.


The idea was to create a magic box on the wall blended with the architecture, with depth as the common thread.


Based on the peculiarities of the canvas, divided into several windows, and the location of the building, in the iconic Plaza del Callao, we proposed the facade content block as the main element, with a loop of 7 pieces with an artistic approach.


For this animation, we used some of the planets to create a composition where the erratic movement of the planets is the protagonist.


With a more detail-oriented approach, the idea of this content was to give prominence to the richest planets in textures and volumes. With a close-up, we were looking to enhance the massivity of the canvas.


With the idea of exploring out of the planets context but without moving away from the skin motif, STRINGS investigate into the spongy and soft shapes that imitate the natural movement of a falling rope.
This content was adapted to the different formats so that each of them worked separately but in unison and the composition effect wasn't lost.


Here we tried to give prominenece to depth. A 3D box with a central perspective was created. Something that would allow the action to be enjoyed from any point outside the plaza. Some elastic balls bounce to reinforce the effect.
The adaptation sought to emphasize each window, reframing them individually. It was designed so that the action and speeds flow at different rythms.


Conceived as a game with the interior design and architecture of the space, this content replicates the textures of the walls of the interior bar, trying to replicate its plush texture.


For the branding content, we used the main claim of the project: SKIN PLANET and the naming of the brand: PRIMOR. The idea was to create moving silhouettes imitating the textures of the planets.


For this design, the textures of the interior of the store's corridors and stairs were recreated and used as a background to launch the brand's manifestos.

the shop

For the inside of the shop, a series of contents were designed and adapted for the three key points of the space.


One of the most unique digital screens of the project is a circular screen that works as a digital skylight. Located on the second floor, it aims to be a window to the outside.
Here we decided to play with the idea of transporting the visitor to another galaxy, with a more hypnotic and immersive language.


On one of the stairs that leads to the lower floor, we find a counter that adds up births in real time on the planet and works as a metaphor for human diversity and its skin types.