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We were invited by deardesign studio to participate in the development of the digital media experience they designed for the hub space of the Entertainment Science Campus at The Core School.

The Core School is a university center that offers education in the field of audiovisual content and entertainment. Located in one of the main audiovisual hubs of Europe (Madrid Content City), it has the ambition of becoming a link between the industry and the educational world.

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3D Animation

Content Development


Media Architecture

Motion Graphics

Product Design

Speciality Hardware Install

The design highlights and reflects the innovative work happening at the school every day and pretend to be a neuralgic point of connection with its one-of-a-kind digital media atrium.

concept and process

The concept developed by deardesign is based on the idea of transforming the space into an inviting place that engage students and connect them to each other.

The final result is a set of digital screens led by a circular atrium located in the center of the space.
As a standard part of our process, we built a virtual simulation of the physical environment to refine the visual design.


The atrium is the big showpiece of the project, an element that combines and external led screen cladding that covers all around the perimeter with an internal side conceived as a multifunctional space


The installation is planned to be a digital media platform for students and partners. Its stunning video canvas is a unique digital platform for students and stakeholders.


To create an inspiring environment, a series of animation pieces were produced. The animations work in unison and synchronized throughout the whole, creating a single unified visual experience across the space.