the labyrinth


Atrezzo was founded in Barcelona, in 1990, to design, develop and manufacture high-quality visual merchandising products for the global fashion industry.

On this occasion, Atrezzo presented their latest creations at the EuroShop 2020, a trade fair that was held in Dusseldorf. They had a 600 m2 booth where visitors where invited to enter into a labyrinth.

The concept developed by Damián Sanchez (the creative director of Atrezzo) was a seductive journey focused on colors, textures, lighting, and sound and artistic references.

We were tasked by Atrezzo to enliven the central area of the labyrinth creating an artistic and immersive experience of massive proportions for visitors to become immersed in a parallel universe.

foodmarket Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

3D Animation

Art Direction

Concept Development

Content Development

Experience Design

Space Design

Space Virtualization



In the research phase of the project, we virtualized the booth to better understand the space, to design the experience and to integrate it properly to the central point of the labyrinth.

A wide room with stands was created for visitors to take a break while they were visiting this overcrowded trade fair.
The construction of this massive display of more than 70 m2 was designed for immersive shows.
br Various spatial sides integrated the display into the labyrinth structure in an exercise of co-creation with the interior design team.


Based on the depth as a basic concept and with a contemplative purpose, our team designed several contents that worked as parallel scenarios into the journey of the labyrinth and aligned with the brand essence.
Concrete was used to provide continuity to the materials used at the booth and as a connecting thread to the all stories explained.
The final result were five scenes totally different, with floodgates opening to immerse the visitor into impossible landscapes inside the booth.